Secure GSM communication
Complete privacy
Works worldwide
Does not require registration

mobile communication

We provide a complete security solution
and the anonymity of your talks around the world.
Becoming our subscriber, you can make calls
anonymously from any phone in any direction

Voice override function

Transformation of your voice into real of time. Unable to identify subscriber by phonetic characteristics

Communication without wiretapping

Thanks to our secure PBX, where every call sessions are encrypted and transmittedvia secure communication channel

Geolocation lock

Our anonymous sim cards ignore signals from interceptor base stations, completely removing or blocking geolocation user

Free number

The subscriber sets the outgoing number himself, the specified number is determined as the caller. Number substitution is installed on the phone using USSD command

How does it work

confidential cellular communication ProtonGSM
Like any other GSM connection, ProtonGSM does not have own radio infrastructure. Access to the network is provided thanks to an agreement with GSMA and 500 reference operators in 200 countries of the world. ProtonGSM has a number of differences from standard cellular operators, making it the most secure and confidential
Connection to the connection is anonymous. Identity Module Control ProtonGSM with specialized applets. We produce own anonymous sim cards for any phone model. The peculiarity of our SIM cards is that they provide absolute confidentiality of conversations
Number substitution
This feature allows you to make calls, replacing the number. At the same time in the detail of the second the subscriber’s number will be recorded put. Number can be changed unlimited number of times, even before each call
Ignoring STELS sms
This feature allows you to intercept SMS any class, including SMS zero class, silent SMS or Stels SMS. So we block any attacks on SIM at network level
Change IMSI
This mechanism allows you to change network authenticators / identifiers IMSI / KI, what is the only effective counteraction for interception complexes and SORM
Force encryption
Prevents your SIM from downgrading cryptography All your conversations are encrypted. According to algorithm A5.1
Lack of billing
Does not allow to track incoming and outgoing calls from this SIM card
Voice change
Allows you to distort the voice, i.e. to identify subscriber by phonetic characteristics will be is impossible

Buy a SIM card

One-time fee for the purchase of a SIM card and network connection
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Delivery of the SIM card is calculated separately and is not included in the price

Check out the rates

Tariff «100 minutes»
Subscription fee
30 days
Activation team
Top up balance on 35
Tariff «250 minutes»
Subscription fee
30 days
Activation team
Top up balance on 65
Tariff «500 minutes»
Subscription fee
30 days
Activation team
Top up balance on 125
Tariff «Unlimited»
Subscription fee
30 days
Activation team
Top up balance on 200
«Virtual number»
Connection (one time)
от 40€
Subscription fee
от 15€
30 days
Top up balance on 55
«Internet from» 0.04€/Mb
Minimum replenishment
Top up balance on 10
Top up SIM card balance

Possible systems to protect your telephone conversations*

Choose one of the ways to protect information and subscriber in GSM networks
* Based on the report «Overview of GSM cellular network vulnerabilities»


Phone with a strong encryption algorithm
  • Degree of protection

  • Pros

    • Complex encryption and talk algorithms
    • Protects against interception complexes
  • Minuses

    • Not protected when calling ordinary phones - only conversations from a cryptophone to a cryptophone are encrypted
    • For calls in a secure mode, you need a stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi, in extreme cases, 3G)
    • Considering the fact that a regular SIM is inserted into the cryptophone, exposed to any impact, it becomes possible to determine the location, social circle and make attacks at the SIM level
    • Finding such a device in the GSM network attracts more attention
    • A cryptophone is a proprietary device and what official manufacturers actually lay in its software, we can only guess
    • Lack of roaming free movement


Programs / applications for messaging or making calls over the Internet
  • Degree of protection

  • Pros

    • Possible to use on your phone, does not require additional devices
    • Minimal protection with additional encryption
  • Minuses

    • As the usual SIM card is used, the main and most accessible types of vulnerability are affected (SORM, OpSoS, interception complexes, Stels SMS, billing, encryption, SS7), that is, you can overhear conversations, determine geolocation, copy data from your phone

SIM card change
and phones

Very often, for example, after each call, change the device and SIM-card
  • Degree of protection

  • Pros

    • Due to the frequent change of SIM-cards, listening and surveillance are organized every time, and it takes time
  • Minuses

    • All SIM cards, even those purchased on the black market without a passport, are vulnerable at least at the level of a cellular operator
    • Analytical data (for example, the regular appearance of a new phone in one geolocation) allows you to instantly identify the subscriber and set him to monitor and listen
    • Phonetic features - those data by which you can easily find the subscriber of interest
    • One call or message to the number from the subscriber’s address book (for example, to a relative or business partner’s number) immediately makes the subscriber visible

ProtonGSM communication

Communication to ensure maximum confidentiality when talking on a mobile phone
  • Degree of protection

  • Pros

    • Protection of calls and analytical data of the subscriber against all possible vulnerabilities (SORM, OpSoS, interception complexes, Stels SMS, billing, SS7)
    • Secure Internet access
    • Secure internal short messaging system
    • It is impossible to recognize the subscriber by its phonetic features due to the voice replacement function.
    • The ability to keep your phone number in secret thanks to the function of the substitution of numbers
  • Minuses

    • No hard level encryption

What do our customers get?

Anonymous SIM cards. We produce our own anonymous SIM cards for any phone model. The peculiarity of our SIM cards is that they provide absolute confidentiality of conversations.

Communication without wiretapping. Thanks to our secure PBX, all calls are encrypted and transmitted via secure communication channels.

Unlimited roaming. In addition to a secure network, our mobile operator provides the most profitable roaming to Europe, Asian countries, Turkey, the United States and Australia.

Geolocation lock. Our anonymous SIM cards ignore signals from interceptor base stations, completely removing or blocking user geolocation.

Voice override. Absolute security in a secure network will be able to guarantee your voice substitution. You can choose one of the suggested timbres. Voice changes automatically when making an outgoing call.

How is the protection from wiretapping and interception?

Anonymous SIM cards hide such identifiers as IMEI, IMSI and Ki

Impossible to impact using Stels sms and attack via the SS7 signaling network.

All conversations are automatically encrypted using the A5.1 algorithm.

There is no possibility to track incoming and outgoing calls from the SIM card

Who needs a secure phone connection?

Representatives of state bodies, the so-called «deputy phone»

Representatives of large commercial organizations

Representatives of investigative bodies and legal organizations

Anyone who wants to protect themselves and their phone from wiretapping.

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    Shipping and receiving

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    at the meeting
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    We can transfer the card to your secretary or friend.
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